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Saucy Portions

We headed out into the dense and crowded city yesterday to do some exploring and sample some local delights.

Our morning started with a weird breakfast at Tsui Wah in Wan Chai. We opted for two set menus:
1. Scrambled eggs and crispy bun, paired with a bowl of satay beef with instant noodles in soup, and sweet condensed milk tea.
2. Fried egg and soft bun, paired with shredded squid and ham with macaroni in soup, and sweet condensed milk coffee.

They really seem to love condensed milk in HK and put it on just about everything, including tea,  toast and waffles. Needless to say this was a whole lot of food and a whole new level of breakfast, which we made a good attempt at, but in the end it was just way too much for first thing in the morning.

After a huge breakfast we headed to Wan Chai Computer Centre to check out some electronic gadgets. This place is like Tottenham Court road on steroids.

Next we headed to Mong Kok and the great Ladies Market for some serious haggling and a bit of…

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