Car Trouble

It was inevitable that our 15 year old car (VW Citi Golf) was going to cause us issues on the trip. This morning, it happened.
We were packed up and ready to go to our next stop, Port Elizabeth. Then the car wouldn't start, just a clunking noise when turning the ignition. We asked our host Mark for a number of a local mechanic and got in touch with PCL Auto Services. They came round to have a look and after jump starting the car it became clear that our battery was on its way out.
After taking the car to be tested it was confirmed that not only was the battery dead, our alternator was playing up too.
We then had to check the car into the workshop and were told by the nice lady there that it may be possible that the car would be out of service until tomorrow.
When we got back to the room, we were planning how we were going to reschedule the rest of the trip. If we didn't make it to Port Elizabeth tonight then it meant we may have to attempt to drive to the next stop of East London (skipping Port Elizabeth entirely) which would have probably meant a 7-8 hour drive ahead of us.
After spending till 4pm lazing about, we finally got a call from the workshop. The car was fixed! Cue an unplanned bill for R1600 (£90) and we were back on the road and still (mostly) on schedule.
Next stop, Port Elizabeth.


  1. This is the worst luck... but so glad it's all fixed and you are on your way again!


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