Cupcake Heaven

Today we decided to wander out in the rain and explore Knysna town centre, which as it turns out is only a 5min drive from where we are staying. Score!

Since it wasn't really beach weather, we decided to check out the local attractions instead. Knysna central has a bit of a weird setup with a couple of local malls within walking distance of each other and mostly outdoors. 

Needless to say that the outdoorsy malls left us quite wet and longing for a nice warm cuppa. While wondering around Knysna mall we came across a quaint little store called Dinky Cakes.

This place epitomizes cupcake heaven and I fell head over heel in love. Aside from the delicious cupcakes, they also sell a variety of niceties and tasty treats, such as milkshakes, date balls, cute pink stuff, coffees, sandwiches and my personal weakness, Coconut Ice.

With such a wide variety of cupcakes to choose from, Kaif and I found it really difficult to decide on just one cupcake each, some of the flavors included: KitKat, Chocolate Peppermint, Red Velvet and Carrot Cake. In the end we opted to go for the Oreo Cookie Cupcake, the Milktart Cupcake and two mini Christmas Fruit Pies to add to the festivities. 

The cake was amazing and the staff were really friendly, I really felt like a kid in a candy store. If you're passing through Knysna make sure you put this on your hit list, you'll still be licking your lips for hours after....Yum!!!


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