Big Night Out: Lan Kwai Fong

Today we decided to have a bit of a night on the town. The place where all that happens in Hong Kong is Lan Kwai Fong. This district is rammed full of bars, clubs and lots of very lively people. I was worried that it might turn out to be an expensive night (having seen how expensive nights out in London can be), but Hong Kong had a trick up it's sleeve... "Club 7-11".

7-11 (yes, the convenience store 7-11), have branches everywhere in Hong Kong. I would say that you probably couldn't walk more 30 seconds without encountering one, they are pretty ubiquitous. The locals jokingly refer to it as "Club 7-11", due to the fact that they are open 24 hours a day and sell booze round the clock at super cheap prices. This has resulted in a lively and slightly anarchic street drinking culture. Groups of friends will crowd around the outside of 7-11 drinking beers, ocassionally popping in the store to stock up on fast food and cigarrettes.

It all sounds a bit rubbish but actually makes for an amazing street party atmosphere. Add to that the sheer numbers of people and the labrynth of winding streets and alleyways and you have a cheap and fun night out. If you ever visit, do give it a go. Below are some photos of our night out... which are useful as we can't remember much of it.


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