Wandering Around

After finally getting some rest we managed to drag ourselves out of the hotel and have a walk around the area. We didn't plan anything for the first day. Instead we just walked around and headed in directions that looked interesting.

The first thing that struck me was how densely packed the buildings are. Hong Kong is a vertical city covered in towering buildings both old and new.

There was a market which had cool looking fishmongers and butchers. Although I couldn't resist going into the bookmakers and snapping a picture of a large group of gamblers eagerly watching a horse race.

Near to Causeway Bay we stumbled across a massive parade of Muslim women who were celebrating the beginning of Ramadan. It definitely had a carnival atmosphere.

After that, we managed to jump onto a the Star Ferry which is a very frequent (and cheap) ride to get off Hong Kong island and onto Kowloon. We managed to get to Kowloon Park which is very different to a European park. It's much denser, like a jungle, with lots of small paths weaving through it. There was also the Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars which was fun.

We finished of the day picking up some bits from the bakery and sat in the public square of the Prosperous Garden Block, a group of massive residential buildings. It's difficult to wrap your head around the scale of these buildings and how many people live inside. I certainly found it to be an amazing sight.


  1. Looks like an awesome adventure! Enjoy every minute and we'll be following your trip with great interest. x


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