First Impressions

We landed in Hong Kong last night after a very long flight from London. The minute we stepped into the terminals the first thing that hit me was the humidity. That familiar warm sticky feeling in the air completely engulfed me. 

Although I'd done some research beforehand I wasn't quite sure what to expect, with this being my first trip to Hong Kong. So far though I've found it all pretty mesmerising.

Commuters on the Island Line

Now that could just be the altitude talking, but the amazing standard and range of options for commuter travel, the incredible skyscrapers, the Saturday night crowds, the weird and wonderful delights of 7-Eleven and the brightly lit streets, it's already starting to grow on me. So far, I'm bloody loving it.

Late night delights from 7-Eleven: Sausage roll, white chocolate milk (yummy) and Eggs Benedict flavoured Pringles. 

We finally passed out from exhaustion in the wee hours of this morning and after a few hours sleep (despite the jet lag) we're now ready to explore. 


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