Hong Kong Highlights

After ten glorious days away, we managed to travel back in time, thanks to the seven hour time difference, and arrived back in London. This trip has certainly given me a new perspective on busy city life and a real appreciation for the many differences this unite us as humankind, or as they say in Hong Kong: "same same, but different."

The long journey home really gave me the time to reflect on our time in Hong Kong and some of the highlights from the trip. Here's a list of my Top Hong Kong Highlights:

1. Hong Kong skyscrapers, like the Bank of China Tower. 

2. Wide variety of fresh produce.

3.  Cheap and reliable pubic transport, with friendly staff to boot.

4. The seemingly impossible city engineering, such as the mid-level escalators.

5. The spiritual symbols, which seems ever present in every aspect of daily life.

6. The harmonious co-existence of old and new traditions. 

7. The first and probably only time in my life I will hold $500 in my hands.

8. The ability of this amazing city to operate at breakneck speed as it expands and adapts to the constant changes.

9. The interesting side streets, alley ways and street art.

10. The fantastic markets and the sheer endurance of market stall holders who operate for long hours on end.

11. The superb selection of food, and desserts in particular. 

12. The spectacular landscape.


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